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Hybrid services

High durability, access control and ease even with millions of views/listens. Ideal for: Music and games libraries, streaming services. Disaster recovery Reduce your costs by offloading your disaster recovery to the cloud and scale as needed. Ideal for: Any aplication that relies on historic data
1/3 discount from price
High Availability and Disaster recovery
Windows, Linux, Mac
Czech localisation, experiences with AWS
Servers in Prague and Frankfurt
SLA 11 x 9 

Hybrid cloud (Greenhousing + Amazon AWS)

Managed cloud and agile DevOps for deploying and serving applications and content.  Green private cloud and Green hybrid cloud are sold as offering your organisation the best of both worlds: allowing them to control their data and applications when needed, while retaining the flexibility provided by self-provisioning, on-demand cloud infrastructure. Beyond giving your company oversight of sensitive data, there are a variety of suggested uses for hybrid cloud. These include 'cloud bursting', where a workload initiated in a Green private cloud offloads tasks to the public cloud AWS when it runs out of local capacity. Another use is to split a system, so that some components run in a private cloud and others in the public cloud -- running the front-end UI on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and back-end elements on a Green private cloud. Planning monitoring costs and use Reserved Instances One of the hardest things with AWS is managing costs with "Pay for what you use" model. AWS has provided several tools to help manage costs. That is why we offer Green Hybrid Cloud with AWS Frontend and Greendata Big Data backend and development running in Greendata with 1/3 cost AWS price. High Availability High availability Dense peak periods and wild swings in traffic patterns result in low utilization of expensive hardware.
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