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When cloud is green

If the dediceted server is over limit, choose our geo cloud
24x7x365 support and help
Permanent contract with 60 days notice.
Windows and Linux VPS available;
Automatic beck-up
Servers running in the new DC in Prague.
Easy Scalability.

Cloud with administration or without? No problem

In our failover cluster, there are two Dell Power Edge servers. One (primary) provides service in normal situations. A second (failover) server is present in order to run the service when the primary system fails. The primary system is monitored, with active checks every few seconds to ensure that it is operating correctly. In the event of the active system failing, or failure of components associated with the active system such as network hardware, the monitoring system will detect the failure and the failover system will take over the running of the service. Data replication is distributed across multiple, geographically dispersed data centers – between a physical rack in a Data Center 1 (node 1) and on a physical rack in Data Center 2 (node 2). In essence this means you have the two same physical servers in different part of the city. Our high-availability solutions are perfect for any organisation wanting to ensure business continuity and maximum uptime with no single points of failure.


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