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Zákaznická sekce

Dedicated servers

Greenhousing dedicated server with the right computing power, business scalability, simplified management, data protection and security features to make it an ideal choice for small to midsize businesses and remote offices.
24x7x365 support and monitoring
The performance, features and availability to scale to meet a variety of business need
Connectivity 2 x 1 Gbps with no aggregate and limitation. R
For all types of IT applications. Suitable for the following virtualisation.
All servers are connect redundantly.
Beck-up-ing  3 times a day in geo

Dedicated servers DELL and HP

We are currently able to offer all categories of dedicated servers (for small, medium as well as for  large data storage) business. We offer dedicated servers Dell and HP, just choose number of CPU, RAM, HDD SATA / SDD.


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