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Customer section

Servers and peace

We have been saving your money and the environment for almost 10 years.
Get services with garance
We have been managing over 900 servers online since 2010.
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Choose one of our services

All you have to do now is select one of our services and then configure / specify in form on the next page. After sending the configuration, a non-binding offer will arrive, hopefully, in 24 hours. And if you have no idea what to choose, just contact us and we will help you. Go green


Our Green physical server will be reserved and dedicated just for you and your projects. We offer HP and Dell servers, with Intel Xeon and AMD processors. No commitment and everything you need.

from 990 Kč



Do you need a server with our administration? Do you need short-term or long-term help with administration? Do you want our help with the installation at the beginning ? No problem, contact us.

from 1890 Kč

Discuss benefits

Green cloud

Do you want to buy or rent your own cloud? Both are possible with us, and your cloud will always be in two independent (Geo) data centers for high SLA services operated by you.

from 4 990 Kč



By the combination of Greenhousing and Amazon AWS we created solutions for critical services with SLAs up to 11x9. Try this unique combination, which uses the best of both companies and at the same time significantly saves money.

from 15 000 Kč

Request a service


Datacenter DC6 provides a reliable microclimate that will increase the availability of your services while reducing operating costs. So if you have your own server or servers, just configure housing for a free offer or visit us and choose your rack.

from 490 Kč


Cheap, reliable, ecological.

Greenhousing is a low-cost service which provides customers with space for internet applications. It is based on low price, simple offer, the possibility of free-of-charge server testing, hardware service and high SLA.

24 x 7 x 365 helpdesk and customer support.

Satisfaction guarantee: 100% money back.

Proactive Customer Service

Long life with low latency

Own infrastructure

Environmentally friendly

Ten green commandments

The company offers its services under the heading of ten green commandments with maximal respect to nature and meeting the standards of carbon neutral company and Green Data Business.

1. We are green

We are friendly to nature (carbone neutral project), which is solely charged by green electricity gained from renewable sources and our working with waste heat.

3. We have green servers

We have green servers The company uses only selected servers with AMD a Intel Xeon processor with the lowest consumption of electric energy on the market.

3. We save electric energy more times

The majority (99 %) of electric energy turns into heat. This heat must be cooled down again by other electric energy. Our low-energetic servers do not need to be excessively cooled and that is how we save energy which would otherwise be used through air-conditioning systems.

4. We save electric energy wherever possible

For lightning we use solely LED lamps. Furthermore, we work towards connecting our server bases to bigger energetic building units and use the heat for heating or for direct consumption of OZE.

5. We recycle

The policy of our company is to care for environment protection. That is why recycling is going on not only in offices, but also in the homes of all employees of the company.

6. We support green projects

We use our profits to create greenhousing fund of responsibility (10% of the profit after taxation) and regularly every year we choose one green project which we invest in a transparent manner.

7. We save forests

The company communicates solely by electronic means with its customers and with offices. Therefore we try to use minimum of paper and old-fashioned ways of communication of the twentieth century.

8. We save material

By the choice of suitable commodity hardware we save materials (iron, aluminium) in comparison with expensive and heavy rackmount servers.

9. We save atmosphere

For possible cooling and also fire-fighting systems we use Freon-free products.

10. We save the Earth

We save the Earth Our reserve sources do not contain heavy metals acids (max. securely bound in the gel).

Our reserve sources do not contain heavy metals or acids.

  • Three server-rooms serving 70 racks - this is the current chassis of Greendata services.
  • HP and Dell branded top-quality and high-durability servers for long life and for critical services.
  • Two independent power supplies backuped by UPS Eaton and 400 kW generator.

You can save with us

Variability of services

If you do not have your own servers, we would rent you our green one.

High availability of our services

Due to fact that we providing our own data center, we are able to guarantee high availability and SLA. Our green offer is also suitable for all type of critical services.


Greendata s.r.o. offers its services under the heading of ten green commandments, which is a guarantee of worldwide carbone neutral policy. 

Ready for cooperation?

Since November 2010, we have been managing 900+ physical servers with thousands of customers. Do you have a time for a free consultation or an offer?
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