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Double server memory and disks capacity in February 2015 only in Greenhousing

The Greendata, with trademark Greenhousing, today anonced its business offer for February which is for customers who are looking for a secure server-hosting solutions and need to save money. This business offer including double memory and double HDD configuration than in the basic configuration. HW extension is fully free for a twelve months.

Doubling configuration for free
Every customer who order in February Greenhousing dadicated or managed server, server cluster or private cloud, gain double configuration of memory and double disk capacity for free of charge for one year. After twelve months, customer can give a notice for free.

"A customer who rent a server with basic configuration 8 GB RAM and 2x 1TB HDD gain with the February offer the final configuration with a 16 GB RAM and disk configuration 2x 2 TB RAID 1. Also we have 30 days money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with our services, "says Zdeněk Marshal, Chief Commercial Officer of Greendata that Greenhousing service operates.

February's offer includes:

• Double the RAM memory.

• Double disks capacity or RAID

• 30 days money back guarantee.

• Treaty indefinitely.

"In Greenhousing know that the transition to the new ISPs is associated with a number of technical steps, because all new customers assistance with migration. They will get not only a convenient double configuration, but also assistance from our administrators, "adds the February menu Marshal.

Complete terms and conditions February's menus are available here in cz for download. 

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