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DC6.cz with Czech-Server.cz represent online server colocation

A brand new way of housing (purchase, storage and server operation) prepared DC6.cz  for customers of CZECH-SERVER.CZ (CZ server vendor). On this site, through the ordering process u can also order new hosting space for your server in the datacenter DC6.cz, which is located in the same building as the server vendor. Czech-Servr.cz is than possible extended CPU, memory or disk space on-line. So it is realy brand new service - someting between Hosting and Housing. 

For more information contc us / or our partner Czech-Server.cz

+420 245 019 027, +420 608 984 413, info@czech-server.cz, www.Czech-Server.cz. 

+420 245 006 026, info@dc6.cz, 

More information in czech language you can find on our blog.


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