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OS Debian 7 - 64bit

OS Debian 7 - 64bit

Basic information

For the server to be rightly prepared, it is necessary that the customer specifies the operation system. Debian GNU/Linux 7 is for 64-bit servers („amd64“).

Price: 0 CZK / monthly (without VAT)  

More information

Nowadays, Greenhousing offers long-term administration of servers with Linux and Windows operation systems. Linux OS Debian (Debian 7 - 64bit) and CentOS (CentOS 6 -64bit) are entirely for free. Other OS like Linux Gentoo, Fedora or Ubuntu are charged by Greenhousing for a fee and it is necessary to ask for them. In case of Windows server requirement there is an offer of OS Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows Server 2008. Both OS are installed based on purchased licence.