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Green rack housing 21U

Green rack housing 21U

Basic information

Green rack housing 21U: 1/2 of a lockable RACK 800 x 960 x 2000 mm, No. of drawers: 14, No. of IPv4 adress: up 32 or own BGP-4 routing, power input 1 kW (up the limit.), shared connectivity 1 Gbps.

Price: 7000 CZK / monthly (without VAT) Order  

More information

Green rack housing 21U is a service where you are free to rent half of the rack space. Each rack or even a portion of it will be connected to an energometer which will provide control of the electricity spent.

  • Service establishing and installation included (free).
  • 24*7*365 customer service.
  • Connection to UPS and Diesel generator included (free).
  • Unlimited data transfer.