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About Green PhilosophyEco blog, bio blog, green IT, green power suply, green certification, CSR projects, green ten commandments.

Greendata company with its service Greenhousing gives an example to others and in 2010 it was the first one who brought green internet services to the Czech market.
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Ten Green ComandmentsGreen IT, Carbon neutral, save power suply, recycle, CSR, save forests, atmosphere, no heavy metals or acids.

The company offers its services under the heading of ten green commandments with maximal respect to nature and meeting the standards of carbon neutral company and Green Data Business.
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Green CertificateEco certificatet, Green Data Business, CO2 neutral, carbon neutral, green certificate for custommers.

Greenhousing provides its customers with green certificate which can be then freely used in all their printed and electronic materials.
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