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Dedicated Server 4X

Dedicated Server 4X

Basic information

Dedicated server 4X Greenhousing is a physical server with the following parameters: CPU: Procesor AMD FX Quad-Core, 4 x 3.6 GHz core, 12MB cache, memory RAM: 2 GB expandable up to 16GB, hard disk 1 TB expandable up to 2 x 1TB in RAID.

Price: 990 CZK / monthly (without VAT) Order  

More information

It is the lease of a dedicated server for which a customer pays monthly lease.
Greenhousing takes care of hardware, solves any possible failures and potential hardware exchange. The customer takes care only for software. 
  • Selected references of Greenhousing customers.
  • Permanent contract with 60 days notice period.
  • Pre-Paid Benefits 3/6/12 months 5/10/15 % discount.
  • Connectivity 100 Mbit wigh no aggregate and limitation. Ratio NIX : abroad is 50:50.
  • To the server free-of-charge KVM, which allows the client to operate the server remotely.
  • Greenhousing guarantees 24 x 7 accessibility and 99,9% SLA contractually.
  • HW service max. up to 3 hours, all components are in store.
  • Server activation is up to 24 hours after receiving the payment.
  • The customer can subsequently order any other services or extra HW.
  • Server bases are in modern data centres in Prague 5 and 6.
  • Dedicated server 4X can be supplied with o.s. Windows or Linux.
  • Green Data Business within Green philosophy gives 10% to green CSR projects.