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New pages of Greenhousing.cz with the test of server service for free

Prague, 2nd November 2011 – Starting from this day, the web pages of green dedicated and managed servers Greendata s.r.o. that are found on well-known address greenhousing.cz have a completely new design. All who are interested and visit the web presentation of the company will recognize the change on the first sight, also testing of Greenhousing services is non-binding and absolutely free.

"We have created the new face of our pages with regard to comfort of our customers. We wanted to bring Greenhousing customers easy orientation and intuitive search of desired information, accounts of services included,” says Zdeněk Maršál, marketing director of Greendata s.r.o. to the web introduction and adds: “We hope that the newly activated applications and structure of the web will enable the visitors even better user comfort and for the potential ones easier decision-making process when buying our services.”

Except for design, the pages also got noticeable change in their content, structure and navigation. Thanks to direct connection of standard information and customer portal, the customer can immediately get to the control of their services and accounts through security components ID and PIN. Additionally, new pages offer more transparent and intuitive process of ordering for easier orientation when leasing server services of Greenhousing. And to prevent the customer from buying an unknown content, the pages offer easy registration into shell account, which enables them to test the Greenhousing service with no binding and for free for the period of 14 days. The content of the portal is newly accessible in two language versions – Czech and English.

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