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The significance of celebrating 7th birthdays

As usualy, Greendata on its 7th birthday celebration presents own Christmas offer. Discounts and bonuses for all new customers who enter into a contract in the period 15.11. until 31 December 2017. A practical gift is also for everyone.  Not only for a new customers but also for existing customers, and for those who only meet us for AWS Hybrid cloud services. 

Discount and immediate withdrawal
Ten percent discount for all services for the first seven months of operation. Also every new client has our money back guarantee for the first 30 days from the set-up and practical 
Christmas gift - powerbank.

Due to the complexity of server migration and notice periods, our new customer can also order the service with a delayed start, which is limited to 31 March 2018. Christmas gift under the tree? The Christmas offer is valid from 15 November 2017 until 17 December 2017 so in this time we can deliver a physical gift under the Christmas tree. Contract sign after December 17, 2017 will be rewarded in January 2018.

Gabriela Hladikova

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