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March in cluster

Greendata company welcomming a month of internet on its own way. For both (new and existing customers) company offering a 35% discount for cluster and private cloud services.

The Greendata cluster services are designed for all Internet projects and resellers who are more sensitive for service outages. That is why we offer and Service-Level Agreement (SLA),  99.96% and 99.98% under contract. Other benefits of the March offer are without a doubt the price of solutions, security and GDPR friendly access.

High availability of clustere services ensures replication into so-called GeoClustering, ie deploying servers to geographically separate data centers DC6.cz and DC7.cz. As a result, Greendata will provide services with real, non-marketing, 99.96% and 99.98% SLA.

Try our cloud configurator
This is not a vps generator, but a cluster / private cloud configurator, so the configuration is only for on offer. Due to the complexity of the service, the offers are always discussed with the customer and adapted to the requirements and needs. So it's up to the customer to choose and configure the number of Intel processor cores, IPv4 addresses, GB RAM memories, and TB storage, and so on. Their assembly will be subject to the final offer and order.

The conditions of the March event can be found at Greenhousing.cz and DC6.cz.

Find out more about our offer on our green blog in CZ language or contact us. 


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