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Greenhousing stores big data with the price 6.90 EUR per 1 TB

Greendata s.r.o., with Greenhousing services, presents its strategy Green Smart Storage. The new offer is open to all who are looking for a small or large storages of data, files, e-mails, videos or safe solution for bacuping own hosting or housing internet projects which are hosted in the other datacenters. The range of the Green Smart Storage offer is from 3 TB to 240 TB with a price of 195 CZK / € 6.90 per 1 TB. Data storage Greenhousing support Windows®, Mac® and Linux®, (on the Smart storage T3 as well as iPhone® and Android ™) and run on physical dedicated storage servers Synology, HP and Dell according to the focus of hosted projects.

Smart Storage T3 - For SME
It is smart network disk storage Synology NAS with the possibility to host, share and secure data. Customers can do a backuping and data access  from their PCs, laptops, phones and tablets within easy file sharing across Windows®, Mac® and Linux®, for which storage offers comprehensive support network protocols including FTP, SMB2, AFP, NFS and WebDAV. Under the name Smart Storage T3 is a service in a RAID 1 disk - contains two discs of 3 TB in the same configuration an so data are in save. 

Storage Server T12 and T24 - For medium volumes of data
For small and medium businesses Greenhousing prepared good computing power, disk storage flexibility and ease data acces with Storage server T12. The brand new cffer is based on a newer generation of physical servers HP ProLiant DL with from 12 up to 24 TB disk capacity. It is suitable for medium-sized data storage, e-mails and safe storage space for data backuping in a different datacenter then the primary data. The main advantage of the offer is a balanced ratio between price and performance.

Storage Server T24 and T48 + extension of RAID array - For large enterprises and larger volumes of data
For large enterprises and projects requiring storage of large volumes of data, can Greenhousing prepared menu built on physical stores HP and Dell, and their subsequent modular extension of disk capacity RAID array through 24-240 TB. It is suitable as an application server or quality streaming video archive. The main advantage of the offer is final price when converted to 1 TB hosting and managing the application process and move large amounts of data in milliseconds.

"Currently, we are able to offer storage as well as several tens petabyte, but such projects can no longer commercially tarifikovat and deal directly with key customers," says Peter Hromádko, technical director at Greendata that Greenhousing service operates.


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