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The offer of the company is transparent and simple. Customers can choose from 4 basic servers:  one server  with CPU AMD Athlon and  3 serveres with Intel Xeon. After that they only decide what they want to have:

  • Dedicated server (only HW and connectivity)
  • Managed server (HW, connectivity and auxiliary services of their choice)

The company also offers

  • Extra HW for acceleration or boosting servers.
  • Production of server solutions such as geographic cluster (cluster of servers).
  • Twenty services which enables clients of Greenhousing undisturbed work on their projects without necessity to solve servers and their administration.

There are no limits for fantasy, not even in Greenhousing, and so in case the customer needs advice, they can write or call, or test the server for free through shell account for the period of 14 days for free with no commitment.