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Offer of servers and server testDedicated server, managed server, Blade server, AMD Athlon, IBM, Blade L42, geographic server cluster, server cluster, RAM, free server test, Prague, Czech server.

Greenhousing is a low-cost service which provides customers with space for internet applications. It is based on low price, simple offer, the possibility of free-of-charge server testing!
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HW serviceHW, hardware, hard ware, service, new server component, datacentre service, helpdesk service..

Greenhousing has at its disposal HW warehouse with spare servers and components that enable to solve hardware collapse in minimal time.
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Customer Technical SupportTechnical support, customer account, billing, print invoice, fault report, finance reporting.

One of the most important aspects of the Greenhousing business is customer/technical support. In fact, it’s one of the main considerations many customers have when choosing their serverhosting.
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Warranty and conditions Contract, warranty, SLA 99,9 % warranty, complaint rules, terms and conditions.

Greenhousing offers the services based on licence fixed for one year. SLA 99,9 % warranty, code of claims and general business conditions.
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