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Customer: (BAILA COMMUNICATION LTD. ) www.baila.net 
Greenhousing Service: Managed Server 4X 
Host Services: Server hosting of Czech-Slovak book social network. 
Customer´s Bio: 
Bookshops with paper books are on their decline. Therefore the shop windows, bookshelves and salesman slowly disappear. When we take a look into the future, we realize that someone´s recommendation will become the only working way how to find out what to read. And this is exactly what this customer of Greenhousing does. Baila.net is Czech-Slovak book social network. There, the readers can find book assessments as well as recommendations from other readers and from Baila itself. There is more than one million books and annotations, tens of thousands articles and CVs. More than 150.000 are ready for direct sale either in bookshops or second-hand bookshops. If a reader likes a book, they can recommend it in the form of evaluation or comment.