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Company Profile
Greenhousing is for those who want to save and support alternative (more complex) approach towards green data centre operations and who want to run internet applications, internet presentations, web pages and e-shops of their own choice, while they do not want to take care either of technical performance of dedicated or managed server where the application operates, or of the purchase and revival of hardware.

Landmarks of Greenhousing
25.10. 2010 – The introduction of Greendata s.r.o., including three green datacenters with the capacity of 700 servers.

11.11. 2010 – The start of Greenhousing on Czech market.

7. 3. 2011 – Greendata becomes a partner of ISIC and supports students in their entrepreneurship with 20% discount.

25.7. 2011 – Greenhousing expands the disk capacity of all servers from 500 GB to 1 TB, while the final price remains the same.

Moreover, the Greenhousing service is based on the thought of maximal ecological responsibility. Click here to find the video profile of the company.