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Company Headquarters CIO, Chief Information Officer, CSO, Chief Sales Officer, CMO, Chief Marketing Officer.

Petr Hromádko, technical director
Through American company Network and Fiction LC (Las Vegas, Nevada – USA) Petr checks all IT activities in Greendata s.r.o. company. Petr has been experienced in IT since childhood since his mother worked even in ČSSR times with IBM puncher. When he studied at the university, Petr started working in ČEŽ a.s. in 1991 as a System programmer, then he worked in APP System a.s. Enetrprise Application Integration - WAN design or Tesco stores a.s.. Nowadays he is responsible for the operation of internet network Pe3ny Net s.r.o. as its technical director.

Zdeněk Maršál, business and marketing director
Last five years, Zdeněk worked on various projects of ASPEN.PR and Union Point companies, where he was responsible for communication activities. Between years 2004 and 2007 Zdeněk was one of the founders of metropolitan network Pe3nyNet, which meant great experience in IT. Before he started his own business, Zdeněk worked in press department of Paegas/T-Mobile mobile operator.