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Green internet services
Most of you will surely agree that when a company in this modern times starts a new construction, building and business, it should not only take care of how many employees it has, how popular is its brand or who are its clients, but also what it can give back to the nature within the conduct of its business. And that is the reason why Greendata with its Greenhousing service decided to give an example to others and brought green internet services to the Czech market.

What is a part of green philosophy of Greendata s.r.o.
Greendata s.r.o. offers its services under the heading of ten green commandments, which is a guarantee of worldwide carbone neutral policy. What is more, since the beginning the company has been offering “carbon neutral” services and at the same time it has been raising awareness on problems of carbon in the atmosphere and it supports CSR projects focused on the environment, e.g. in the form of blog or presentations.