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Data Centre Data connectivity, power back up, cooling, freecooling, fire system, standards.

Greendata company started its business in cooperation with an internet provide pe3ny.net. Due to a fact that the company has not started from scratch, it can offer high-quality service with low starting costs, which also means low costs for final customers. Greenhousing nowadays operates 3 modern data centres in Prague 5 and 6 on the total exploitable area of 600m2.
In Greenhousing data centres there is now space for up to 700 servers with the possibility of quick extending the capacity to twice as much.

Data TransferConnectivity, e-net, net, FUP, without aggregate and limitations, optic cable, server bases connected.

Thanks to the cooperation with an internet provider Greenhousing has great competitive advantage for its unlimited and high-quality internet connection.
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Charging of the green data centreGreen power, Power Supply, power back up, generator, UPS.

Data centres of Greenhousing are connected to high supply of green energy, which is independently backed up by UPS which secures short electricity cuts and the time necessary for starting of reserve aggregates.
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Cooling of Server BasesFreecooling, free cooling, air conditioner, air condition framework , data centres cooling.

Greenhousing data centres are primarily cooling by freecooling system.
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Anti-fire ProtectionAFP, anti fire, antifire,inert gas, data centre protection.

Greenhousing datacentres are equipped with special anti-fire system.
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Standards and Back-up System

Greenhousing datacentres nowadays meet Tier-2 requirements with a plan to meet Tier-3 requirements, which is much harder to meet because of the nature of Greenhousing. With regard to the design of the whole project, the consumption is pressed to minimum. Localities have their regime, with security and guards.